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These pages are getting extremely dated. When I started this web site in 1995, I intended for it to be a place for people using different services to access GemStone III to be able to find information, share thoughts and ideas, and interact in a united forum. Since GSIII has moved to the web, this goal has been obsolesced. In addition, I no longer play GSIII, my characters having been transfered to another player, so much of my interest in maintaining this site has vanished. There are a host of other sites dedicated to GSIII that are well-maintained by current players who still have a passion for the game in addition to the official GSIII web site itself.

I leave this site up as a monument to the idea of having GSIII available on the Internet. Any comments will, as always, be welcomed, but there will be little, if any, new or updated material herein.

To all of my friends from the old days, fare thee well. The times we shared, both good and bad, will always be fondly remembered.

Tim Melton
aka Felias Catskin
aka Mordring Ungeheuerjaeger

GemStone III is an online roleplaying game designed by Simutronics that may be accessed through Compuserve, Genie, America Online (AOL) or Prodigy. This page is intended to give information that will help new characters get started in the World of GemStone III, Elanthia, as well as to provide information to older (more experienced) characters who may find this means of getting the latest information more convenient than either Prodigy's, AOL's or Genie's BBS's. Again, for those that have trouble reading, here is the information on

Where to Find GemStone III

GemStone III Is Now Open On The WWW!!!

What's New?

The last few items to be added or changed on this site.

Here is an index of the sections on this page. It seems that some (including some of the folks that program the very game we love) can't seem to use a scroll bar or even read. I hope this makes things easier for those that are similarly disabled. (I even made the font big so they might be able to read it better ;-)

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General Information and Reference

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Last modified 17 March 1998.

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