GemStone III

The Rogue's Gallery

Well, it's finally open for business. While not all that appear herein would consider themselves rogues (or roguesses ;-), that's the name nonetheless. So come on in and take a peek at the folks that are listed here or add your name to the rolls. Oh, and if you find a bug in the page, the search engine, or the character input form, please send mail to our webmaster so we can get the bugs worked out of these programs. Thanks for your help. Enjoy the Rogue's Gallery!

We currently have [an error occurred while processing this directive] characters in the database.

Well, something is broken here, and I've yet to get the chance to check it out and fix it. I suspect that I'll just bring the new version of the Rogue's Gallery out rather than fix the bugs in the current version. The new version will allow you to change the information on your character as he or she progresses in the lands through use of a password. It will also have information on when yourinformation was last modified to help prevent unauthorized entries and hacking on existing entried. I apologize for the inconvenience and I will have something back up just as soon as I get the chance to finish it up. All donations excepted, of course .


Felias Catskin
Mordring Ungeheuerjäger

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