GemStone III

The Second Unofficial Mid-America GemStone III Gathering

After the Dust Settled...

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Well, the second gathering has come and gone and was a success. Attendance this year was higher than last year and I think that everyone had a great time. Here is a list of the folks that attended:

Many, if not all, of the folks who play these characters have other alter-egos as well, but I've only listed their highest level character here.

As I'd had my gallbladder removed the week before this gathering and was still recovering from that and from the steady diet of Demerol that I'd taking the week prior to this event, I wasn't able to attend all of the events. As a result, my account of the gathering this year will be a bit on the scant side. Hopefully some kind soul will volunteer to write a more complete account for this site (are you listening, Wanton?) So, without further ado, here's how things turned out.

Friday, April 11

I dragged myself out of bed at 9 am and promptly realized that my decision to try and sleep in the waterbed for the first time since my surgery had not been a wise one. As a result, I stumbled into the kitchen and swallowed the last Demerol that I wanted to take. I then proceeded to sit around and wait for folks to begin arriving. The first to show up was Alarica followed closely by Wanton herself. We proceeded to chat for a bit while watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights. After a while we all got hungry and popped out to grab a bite of Greek for lunch. I stopped back by my doctor for a quick check up while the two ladies returned to my house. Soon several other people began arriving and my small living room started to get crowded. As the weather was cold and wet (we even had a few very light snow flurries early in the evening) we decided not to do a cookout but to order pizza instead. After the pizza was ordered, Wanton left with a small band to pick up folks from the airport. The rest of us sat around, munched on pizza, beer, and sodas and talked GemStone. At around midnight, I was fading fast so the party wound down and reconviened at the hotel suite. I headed off to bed.

Saturday, April 12

I slept late and wandered over to O'Connell's Irish Pub for a bit of lunch. As I was eating, the entire GSIII crowd wandered in from the Medeival Fair. I left to run some errands and headed out to the Royal Bavaria for dinner. I was the first to arrive, but the rest of the crowd wasn't far behind. We'd reserved the King's Room so we would have enough room for everyone and shoot the bull without frightening the other customers. The room was fairly packed. We may need to use the biergarten next year if more folks show up. After dinner and copious amounts of freshly brewed beer we sat about and talked about, what else, GSIII. When it started getting late, we all paid our checks and headed out, many going to reconvene at the hotel. I, on the other hand, went home and crashed. I was still not back to my normal, cheery self. ;-)

Sunday, April 13

I presume most of the GSIII folk left on Sunday. I spent the day cleaning up the house. I tried to reach them at the hotel, but the main suite had already been vacated. It was, from my point of view, a quiet end to a fun weekend.

Thanks to Wanton for organizing this event and to Trymble for renting the suite that was used as home base for the GSIIIers.

Thanks again to all of the folks that attended for making this an event to remember!

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