Directions to Quest from OKC:

South on I35. Get off at Robinson street exit east bound. Cross the highway heading east. At 24th (second light - immediately past Albertsons) turn right (S). Proceed about 4 blocks and take a right on the street that borders Sonic to the S (Tee circle, but I don't think there's a sign). Follow it back W until it ends in a tee. Turn left (S). Quest will be in the only building on the right. There will be a big sign in front with a pyramid thingee on it. If you have any trouble, my cell phone number is 203-2859. Quest's phone number is 329-7475. but nobody will likely be answering the phones.

Here's a map:

Quest is actually on the other side of the street from the star (the west side).

Feel free to e-mail me if you need further instructions.

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