Well, we seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Mark Herndon came by to put something on the roof of the Lloyd Noble arena. Hal and his son came out to punch a few really nice holes in the sky. Tim flew his Aerotech Strong-arm several times, and everyone agrees that a G-80 is a truly sweet sounding motor. Peter treated us to a beautiful flight of his Mini Mag. It headed into the wind when it left the launch rod. We all told him that more power was the answer, but he declined to take the bait. I tested out the new asphalt tracker on me AMRAAM. They worked fine as the rocket passed up perfectly soft grass, to land on the hard asphalt. We had 36 documented flights, and I know there a few that snuck past Debbie so we are guessing that the number was 40-43 for the day. We finally broke up about 12 or so after launching the obligatory 7-UP bottle. The wind was from the South and light. Weather was stunning, if I had not been launching rockets, I would have been riding motorcycles. It was truly beautiful out. Thanks to everyone who came out. Mark Herndon, if you did go to Argonia, good luck on the L 2 certification flight, and please let us know how it went.

The Snitch Chronicles

Some of you may have seen an Estes Snitch. It basically looks like a pie plate with a mount for a C motor in the center. Well, Tim had a Snitch with him, things went downhill from there. Tim launched the Snitch on a C motor. It flew well, as well as it was meant to with a small amount of power and a large amount of drag. Tim decided to stage a C6 0 to another C motor. That worked much better. Not as well as the D motor staged to the C motor combination that came letter, but better. We were all quite surprised when the Snitch survived the E 30 powered flight. It was not till Tim put the thing up on an F50 that the silly thing broke. We thought this meant we were safe. That's till I checked the answering machine at my house this afternoon. The entire message was, "The Snitch Lives. FrankenSnitch!" Beware, for it will come from the skies, ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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