From the days of the first black powder rocket sent skyward by the Chinese to the launch of the Space Shuttle, people have been entranced by objects shooting skyward on brilliant lances of flame. Nowadays, almost anyone can get involved with a very modest outlay of money. Others, however, can spend fortunes pursuing the thrill of launching something higher, faster, or farther. Oklahoma Tripoli's V2 project is an example of the directions you can travel.

This web page is here to serve as a source of information to those either seeking to get started in this hobby or looking for information on the various aspects of rocketry. It also serves as the base of operations of the only NAR sanctioned rocketry club in Oklahoma (OkRA). Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 18:00 (6 P.M.) at Quest Consultants Inc. (directions below).

And now, without further ado,

Heeeere's Rockets:

Softball Loft Duration Contest!!!

Launch Day 1 - in the Beginning...

Rocket Pics

The newest batch of rocket pics.

AJ's rocket pics

Notification Form - A sample of the form used to notify the appropriate FAA contacts of our launch operations under FAR 101.22.

FAA Rules Regarding Rocketry - A short paper describing the FAA rules on rocketry, from model rockets to large model rockets to high-power rockets. Complete with the text of FAR 101 PDF version

Rocketry links

wProPep - a Windows front-end for ProPep, a rocket propellant characterization program. New version will read an old wpropep .inp file - just enter the old filename in the file name field. A list of ingredients will pop up if you hit the F1 key while your cursor is in an ingredient input box.

wProPep 1.1 - a new version of the Windows front-end for ProPep. This version adds more help and the ability to make parametric runs varying chamber pressure, exhaust pressure, and the weights of the first 5 ingredients in a formulation all in one run. - Fixed bug in materials screens June 2000

20 November, 1999 Launch report

04 December, 1999 Launch report

Directions to Quest Consultants Inc., our meeting place.

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