Minor Spiritual Circle
This spell circle is completely implemented.

1 Spirit Protection I (101) Duration: 1 min/lvl

-10 against all elemental attack spells.
+10 spirit warding against spell attacks.
Affords some minor protection against spell attacks. Since the duration is cumulative, this can be useful when going up against a spell-casting creature by building up the duration beforehand.

2 Spirit Barrier (102) Duration: 1 min/lvl

Creates a 10' x 10' x 10' wall of dense churning air around target. -50 to all attacks that must move through it (either in or out). Elemental attacks are affected because they consist of a physical attack.

The affected character/creature has a bonus to defense but a penalty when attacking. This can be useful if you cast it on a creature you intend not to fight but have to stick around (or get around) for some reason, or if you want to use nonelemental attacks.

3 Spirit Defense (103) Duration: 2 min/lvl (not cumulative)

Creates a bright aura about the target, making him/her appear more powerful, and bestows a +10 to his/her DS.

This spell imparts no penalty for attacking as does Spirit Barrier so it is a good defensive bonus. At higher levels it will last quite awhile, every little bit helps.

4 Disease Resist (104) Duration: 1 min/lvl

Target gets an additional spirit warding against any disease if the first one fails.

The time the spell lasts is cumulative, multiple casts when you know you are going to be subjected to disease would be a good idea.

5 Poison Resist (105) Duration: 1 min/lvl

Target gets an additional spirit warding against any poison if the first one fails.

Some chests have poison needle traps. This can be helpful!

6 Spirit Fog (106) Duration: 1 min/lvl

Causes a room to be flooded with fog (works indoors or outdoors). This imparts a +30 to everyone's/thing's strength and increases the ease with which you can hide.

Like Spirit Barrier, this is useful in specific instances where you want to lower your risk at the expense of your physical attack odds. Unlike Spirit Barrier, this affects everyone in the room.

7 Spirit Protection II (107) Duration: 30 sec/lvl

-25 against all elemental attack spells.
+25 spirit warding against spell attacks.

This spell is a more powerful version of Spirit Protection I; however, its duration is shorter.

8 Stun Relief (108)

Will un-stun the target.

Entirely effective, but at 8 mana points is expensive. In life or death situations this could be vital, however.

9 Dispel Invisibility (109)

Will dispel invisibility on any character/creature on the room which fails a spirit warding.

Does not work on invisible objects (which are rare).

10 Unbalance (110)

Calls upon the spiritual forces to impact the target if their spirit warding fails. The target would then suffer an injury from the unbalancing injury table. The severity is determined by how badly the spirit warding failed.

Although this acts like an elemental attack spell, it is not subject to physical laws and is not aimed. A successful attack is a guaranteed injury. These injuries tend to cause a foe to fall (and then you can follow up with an attack), however it can do significant damage of its own.

11 Fire Spirit (111)

Will fire a ball of bright light high into the sky which can be seen by anyone standing outside. Do this only when standing outside, or it will rebound on you!

If cast at a target it acts as a Major Fire attack. This signaling device doubles as a fair weapon.

12 Water Walking (112) Duration: 1 min/lvl

Allows the caster to walk on water as long as the spell lasts. This only works on smooth water and is ineffective on large open lakes, a rapid river or an ocean, however it is good for submerged areas frequently found in deep dungeons.

Don't get caught out there!

13 Undisease (113)

Will remove 1 disease from a given target.

Effective on any disease of any strength.

14 Unpoison (114)

Will remove 1 poison from a given target.

Effective on any poison of any strength.

15 Spirit Burst (115) Duration: 5 sec/lvl

Causes the spiritual forces to grant the caster the ability to say just the correct word that will stun a given sentient being into immobility for up to 5 sec/lvl of caster depending on how well it works.

A stunned foe is pretty helpless.

16 Locate Person (116)

Can be cast on any character in the game and will give you a brief vision of where they are.

If you know your geography, this should help you find someone pretty quickly. This spell sometimes fails to work in certain locations, due to magical instabilities in that area.

17 Spirit Strike (117) Duration 10 sec

Calls upon the spiritual forces to provide guidance for a brief period of time. This imparts a +75 bonus to the next physical (or elemental attack).

Cast this spell before an important attack. In some cases you can sneak in two attacks before it wears off.

18 Web (118)

Casts a sticky web, to entrap the target.

19 Herb Production (119)

Causes a random herb to grow instantly on the ground (works only outdoors). There is no way to predict which herb will grow, or how useful it will be. Sometimes a useless herb will result.

This one is a grab-bag, sometimes you might get lucky in a pinch!

20 Lesser Shroud (120) Duration: 30 sec/lvl

Similar to Spirit Defense except caster appears to be a minor god (an illusion). This bestows a +25 to DS.

Good defensive spell. Duration is cumulative.

25 Call Lightning (125)

Caster causes multiple lightning bolts to strike a target within the room. This spell only works outdoors and requires about 20 seconds for the storm cloud to form before the attack will take place.

The storm cloud will strike the target with a random amount of lightning bolts, usually 3 or 4. Shocking!

30 Spirit Guide (130)

Causes a caster and his or her group to return home (Wehnimer's Landing). This is a powerful teleport spell and is useful for getting a party out of danger quickly.

Everyone who is joined to the caster will teleport with him/her. You can use HOLD HANDS WITH to hold onto someone who is otherwise incapacitated. Great for evacs!

50 Wall of Force (150) Duration: 10 sec/lvl

Creates a wall of force that strongly resists attacks. The wall will follow the caster and position itself to fend off attacks while letting outgoing attacks pass without penalty. This spell bestows a +100 to the caster's DS.

One of the best protection spells against physical attacks! This spell is a must when going up against the BIG monsters.

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